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Welcome to the Official home page of the
SA Armour Museum
operating hours
 Monday, Tuesday and  Thursday
09:00AM - 14:00PM 

09:00AM - 12:00PM

- We are closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. 

-Group visits must be arranged 14 days in advance with museum curator WO 1 Wiaan Liebenberg or Maj Dana Swanepoel.

-After hours can be arranged with the museum curator.

Contact details

Museum Manager

Maj Dana Swanepoel

Tel: 051 402 1777


Museum Curator

WO 1 Wiaan Liebenberg 

Tel: 051 402 1777

Mobile: 083 277 5041



We would like to thank everyone who supported us at the Bloem Show!

It was great to meet everyone and we hope you enjoyed our exhibition.

The Museum is operating at normal opening hours again.

We will see you at the Tempe Air Show on 25 May!

Medium Turret Technology Demonstrator (MTTD) 

The MTTD was an independent project to develop and test a new Rooikat turret equipped with a 105 mm high-pressure or 120 mm low-recoil main gun. The remote turret would feature an autoloading system and various other modern technologies.


The loader (left side of the turret) and crew commander (right side of the turret) positions were moved into the hull giving rise to the depressions in the hull on either side of the main gun. The MTTD also features a mockup of an Active Protection System (APS) launcher on the top of the turret. The APS would have increased the survivability of the platform when facing anti-tank missiles. 

Please see the "Visiting us" tab above for a detailed map with directions
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