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Welcome to the Official home page of the
SA Armour Museum
operating hours
 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 
 09:00AM - 14:00PM 

- We are closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. 

-Group visits must be arranged 14 days in advance with museum curator WO 1 Wiaan Liebenberg or Maj Dana Swanepoel.

-After hours can be arranged with the museum curator.

Contact details

Museum Manager

Maj Dana Swanepoel

Tel: 051 402 1777


Museum Curator

WO 1 Wiaan Liebenberg 

Tel: 051 402 1777

Mobile: 083 277 5041


Museum visiting hours
11 December 2023 - 8 January 2024
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SQUADRON 1977- 78 
April 2022 I became part of a What's App group D ESKADRON 1977-78
In the group, the men shared memories of a special time and experience in their lives at Rooikop 17 Km East of Walvis Bay in the desert (where if you got a weekend pass, you will sit outside the gate and laugh at those who didn't get a weekend pass.)

Photos and anecdotes were shared and I then offered to compile what was shared into a digital photo album. 

Eight months later, with 400 photos and 209 pages, I was able to share this volume with the group.

This collection is a look through the lens of a Troop’s "KODAK INSTAMATIC" camera that was hidden somewhere in his webbing.

If there is an example of the “Flame of the Armor”, it is this group of men under the leadership of Ferdi Barnard.

For 45 years Ferdi and his team have kept the Flame burning and in 2023 they celebrate it with the "Scorpion Tour 2023“. The highlight will be on May 4 in the Brandberg where Honor will be brought to our Members who paid the Highest price on May 4, 1978, during Operation Reindeer.

The SA Armour Museum is very grateful to RSM Kat Snyman (retired) for allowing us to share his research work on the history of D SQUADRON 1977 -1978 and thereby helping to preserve South African military heritage.

Link to download the PDF book: (size 46 MB)

Please see the "Visiting us" tab above for a detailed map with directions
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