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Tank Technology Demonstrator


TTD Platform

TTD Turret

Crew: 4

Combat Mass: 58.3 Tons

Armament: 105 mm GT3 QF semi-automatic main gun for the testing version
120 mm GT6 QF semi-automatic smooth-bore main gun for production variant upgradable to 140 mm QF semi-automatic smooth-bore main gun
1 x 7.62 coaxial Browning machine gun

Engine: Twin-turbo intercooled V-8 diesel engine which produces 1234 hp (920Kw) @ 1200 rpm. (21.16 hp/t).

Mobility: The suspension consists of a torsion bar with friction rotary dampers and hydraulic bump stops and makes use of a live track that produces lower noise and lower transmission vibration which intern provides more stabilized fire while on the move. The live track runs over seven rubber-tired dual road wheels with a front idler, a rear driving sprocket and four return rollers.  

Fording: 1.5 m (4.9 ft) 

Speed: Road 71 kph (44 mph) - Cross Country 35 kph (22 mph)

Operating Range: Road 400 km - Cross Country 300 km 


The design, development, and production of the TTD were undertaken to showcase what would be possible if an indigenous MBT was produced. For testing purposes, it is fitted with a standard 105 mm GT3 QF semi-automatic main gun developed by LEW in South Africa.  The TTD`s passive armour comprises multiple layers of spaced armour with the effective thickness of the frontal glacis being 750 mm. The FCS makes use of an RS485 serial databus linking all the sub-systems to allow for effective hunter-killer mode, allowing the gunner and commander to hunt for enemy targets independently. The TTD is powered by a twin-turbo intercooled V-8 diesel engine that delivers 1234 hp (920 kW) at 1200 rpm. This translates into a power-to-weight ratio of 21.16 hp/t. 

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