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Olifant Mk1A

Olifant Mk1A SA Armour Museum, Bloemfontein.JPG

Crew: 4

Combat Mass: 56 tons 

Armament: 105mm GT3B semi-automatic quick-firing gun (L7; 1 × 7.62mm co-axial Browning MG; 1 x 7.62mm turret Browning MG

Engine: Continental 29-litre turbo-charged air-cooled V12 diesel engine produces 750hp @2400rpm.

Transmission: Semi-automatic transmission system with two forward (low and high range) and one reverse gear

Speed:45 km/h on-road and 30 km/h over terrain

Operating Range: Road 350km - Cross Country 240 km 



Production of the Olifant Mk1A

The overall layout and build of the Mk1A are virtually identical to that of the basic Centurion MBT. The Olifant Mk1A entered service in 1985 and immediately saw combat during the South African Border War in Operations Modular and Hooper against T-55s. Modifications compared to the Centurion MBT involved the installation of a South African manufactured 105 mm GT3B rifled tank gun and a laser rangefinder incorporated into the gunner's sight. Two banks of four 81 mm, electrically operated smoke grenade dischargers are located on the front cheeks of the turret. A new 29-litre turbo-charged V12 diesel engine was installed which develops 750hp, coupled to a semi-automatic transmission. Additionally, a new and improved electrical turret drive was fitted which increased the turret traverse speed to 18°/sec. The presence of mines saw the integration of mine protection into the bottom hull.


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