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- From Nelson Mandela Drive, turn into Furstenburg Road towards the main gate of Tempe. After passing through take the slipway to the left.

- Head straight down the road minding the speedbumps until you reach a T-junction stop with 1SAI straight ahead and turn right. 

- Continue down the road until you reach a 4 way stop and turn right into Frans Steinberg street.

- Proceed some 470 meters until you reach the main gate of the SA School of Armour on your left and turn in accordingly.

- Follow the directions of the military personnel at the gate. 

Entrance to the Museum

  • Walk-ins without prior arrangement (keeping in mind our visiting hours) are permitted for four persons or less and access to the Museum is free.

  • Group Visits, School Visits, Family Visits, Guided Tours and any other similar group activities (more than five individuals) are charged @ R10 a person. Groups Visits must book at least two weeks in advance @ to prevent disappointment.



  • The South African Armour Museum is situated inside an active operational Military Base and an active operational Military Unit, which means military security is of utmost importance. Therefore, when visiting the Museum, members of the public must have proper personal identification on them. Military personnel at the base and unit gate reserve the right to ask for identification and also to search any individual coming and leaving the Base.

  • Visitors must be escorted at all times by museum staff within the military unit.

  • It must be noted that only outdoor museum exhibits may be photographed.

  • Photographing indoor museum exhibits is prohibited.

  • Photographs of military personnel, military building or military vehicles are prohibited.



  • We highly value our museum visitors, and therefore your safety is also important to us.

  • Our exhibits consist of military vehicles and military artefacts which in their nature pose the potential to injure visitors. Therefore, it is important that visitors adhere to the guidance of museum escorts and all prohibition signs display at exhibits.

  • No one is allowed to climb on any museum vehicles.

  • The museum does not provide any joy-ride opportunities on museum vehicles.

  • Visitors under 16 must at all times be accompanied and supervised by an adult.



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