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T34/85 startup and drive

Crew: 5 

Combat Mass: 32 mt 

Armament: 85 mm ZIS-S-53 Gun; 2 x 7,62 mm SGMT Machine-guns; 85 mm Ammunition: AP/T; APHE/T; HVAP/T; HEAT/T; HE 

Engine: Model V-2-34 or V-2-34M; V-12 Cyl; Liquid Cooled ; Diesel; 373 kW (500 hp) at 1 800 r/min 

Transmission: Clutch - Mechanical; Dry Type Gearbox - Manual; 4/5 Fwd 1 Rev Steering - Manual Clutch and Brake 

Speed: Road 55 km/h - Cross Country 30 km/h 

Operating Range: (Without Additional Fuel Drums) Road 300 km - Cross Country 309 km


The T34/85 made it’s appearance on the Russian front in March 1944, with total production in that year of 11 050 units. By the end of 1950 Russia produced a total of 44 380 units. During 1951, 56 Warsaw Pact countries produced a further 4 572 units. Given the sheer number of T34/85’s manufactured, its not surprising that they have been sold or supplied to more than 30 different states. Surprisingly more than 27 armies employed these tanks, though many are on the verge of retirement. It is considered by many to be the best all-round tank of the Second World War. Several armies have captured T34/85’s as “Spoils of War”, including Israel and South Africa (as this one on display), but did not integrate them into their own armed forces.

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