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Rooikat 76 MK1C


Rooikat 76 Mk1D mobility track


Crew: 4 

Combat Mass: 28 tons 

Armament: 76 mm GT-4 Gun; 1 x 7,62 mm Browning Machine-gun; 4 x 81 mm Smoke Generator Launchers

Engine: Twin-turbocharged, water cooled, 10-cylinder diesel Atlantis engine fitted            with an intercooler which can produce 563 hp @ 2400rpm. (20.1 hp/t).

Transmission: Hydro-mechanical, manual shift, drop-down gearbox. The gear selection                range consists of six forward, a neutral and one reverse gear.


Suspension: Fully independent internally driven trailing arms, coil springs and                  shock-absorbers.

Speed: Road 120 km/h - Cross Country 50 km/h

Operating Range: Road 1000 km - Cross Country 500 km 


Development of the Rooikat 76 commenced in 1982 with the final prototype being ready in 1987 and accepted in service in 1989. Emphasis was placed on firepower, good protection and excellent mobility. Principle tasks include combat reconnaissance, seek and destroy operations, combat support, anti-armour and anti-guerrilla operations. Some 80 Rooikat 76 Mk1C were upgraded to Mk1D standard between 2000-2006 under project Arum Lily. The main armament is a fully stabilized Denel GT4 76mm 62-calibre rifled gun which has a -10 to +20 degree elevation. The APFSDS round has a muzzle velocity of over 1600m/s and is capable of penetrating the front hull and turret of a T-62 MBT at 2000m. The standard rate of fire for the main gun is 6 rounds a minute. The armour thickness on the front arc of the hull can protect against 23 mm projectiles while the sides and rear offer protection against small arms fire and shrapnel. Present SANDF doctrine placed emphasis on reconnaissance, as well as the harassment of enemy rearguard units. The Rooikat armoured car is considered one of the most versatile weapons systems produced by South Africa.

Source: SOUTH AFRICAN ARMOURED VEHICLES: A History of Innovation and Excellence

*Rooikat 76 Mk1D specifications

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