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Background to the Museumm

Instituting a Museum and Research Library for the South African Armoured Corps (SAAC) started as early as 1994 and was officially approved by the Chief of the SA Army on 12 October 1995. Approval for the use of the historical buildings located at the School of Armour, Tempe was granted in April of 1995. The main museum building is home to various static displays of South Africa`s armoured warfare history. Several fundraising projects were launched for restoration purposes, manufacturing of showcases and other items. Contributors included private businesses and arms manufacturers. Members of the Armoured Corps donated different items to the museum for display. With assistance from personnel from the School of Armour, the museum was opened by the Chief of the Army on 13 September 1996 which also coincided with the 50th anniversary celebration of the South African Armoured Corps. The museum has grown steadily as its collection of armoured tracked, wheeled and other vehicles increased.


"To preserve the history of the South African Armoured Corps"

Col. R. Hohls

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